Fuzion Online Training Program

Basic Kit - $1997+tax(s)

Includes, 1 UV/LED curing lamp, gels, prep products, hospital grade infection control products, files and buffers, brushes, forms, tips and sundries.  *taxes billed separately depending on territory.

TeamFuzion is excited to bring you the most up to date, modern techniques to help you learn how to build a business making amazingly beautiful gel nails.  Recognizing the need to bring a more advanced structure and new techniques to Canada, Fuzion partnered with “The Chrissie Pearce Nail Academy” in the UK to bring you the most up to date program currently available.  Chrissie’s teaching techniques amazed our team, as students were creating beautiful tapered nails from day 1!  We are excited to bring her to Canada!

Our beginner nail program consists of a full theory program that includes infection control, anatomy and physiology, professionalism and more.  Once you complete this program you will be ready to take on clients** and create beautiful nails for you and your clients.

Every student will also be mentored by one of our amazing Fuzion Educators, who are all trained by Fuzion and mentored by Chrissie.   

What is included:

  • Full online theory on our Fuzion Academy Portal
  • Multiple kit options available to suit your budget
  • Dedicated educator dedicated to your success
  • Tip and Overlay and Sculpting
  • Square, Squoval, Oval and Almond Shaping
  • Hand filing/Finishing
  • French Manicure
  • Basic Color Application
  • Glitter Fade Art Class

Once you have completed your basics training we will also be able to offer you advanced training on efile, nail art techniques, advanced shaping and more through your educator or online. 


**Please ensure our curriculum meets the guidelines of your territory.  It is the students responsibility to ensure that local licensing/governing bodies recognize this course for licensing.

If you have any questions please email us at academy@nailfuzion.com

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Theory: The Beginning of Your Nail Career

    • The Importance of Professionalism

    • Client Consultation

    • Precautions

    • Universal Infection Control Precautions

    • Recommended Products for Sterilizing and Sanitizing Your Workspace

    • RTU Protocols for download

    • CS20 Protocols for Download

    • Ventilation and Odour & Dust Control

    • Contact Dermatitis

    • Ergnomics

    • Quiz - Infection Control

  • 3

    Theory: Anatomy of the Fingernail

    • Anatomy of the Finger

    • Anatomy & Physiology

    • Contra-indications

    • Nail Disorders

    • Quiz #2 - Anatomy of the Nail

  • 4

    Product Knowledge

    • File Grits

    • Prep Products

    • Base Gels

    • Extension Gels

    • White Gels

    • Building Gel

    • Specialty Gels

    • Finish Products

    • Quiz #3

    • Other Fuzion Products!

  • 5

    Gel Nail Essentials! Lets get started

    • Understanding Gel

    • The Apex

    • Quiz #4

  • 6

    Assessments and Case Studies

    • Assessments

    • Case Student - How Your Assessment Should Look

  • 7

    Social Media

    • Social Media for Beginners - Setting up your accounts

    • Step 2 - Taking Photos

    • Step 3 - Posting Your Content