Welcome to Fuzion Academy!

Are you ready to start a new career in the beauty industry?  Are you a tech who wants to improve her skills and up her nail game?  You have come to the right place!  

Fuzion has been teaching nails for over a decade, and we now offer our full beginner course online!  Multiple kit options, a dedicated teamfuzion mentor, and continued support upon completion are just some of the reasons you should train with us! 

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  • What is included in my kit?

    Our beginner courses include a supply kit with everything you need to get started - with different options, prices and payment plans to suit your needs. Descriptions of each kit can be found by viewing the preview of each course. There is a full description pdf for you to view.

  • What skills will I learn in my beginner gel nail course?

    You will learn proper nail prep, tip and overlay, forms/sculpting, color application, french manicure, rebalance, removal, full Fuzion product knowledge and basic glitter fade. You will learn 4 basics shapes - square, squoval, oval and almond.

  • Can I practise on models during COVID?

    Ensure you check with your local health authority to ensure you are following all guidelines in regards to PPE and social distancing measures. We recommend using a silicone practise hand as you work through the video series, moving into live models once you have completed your desk setup and have proper PPE and protocols in place. All this information, and how to source these products will be provided to you in your course. As these guidelines could change frequently, we strongly recommend you regularly check with your local health authority for guidelines.

  • What if I need help during my course?

    Each beginner gel nail course includes a one on one Fuzion Educator/Mentor. Your educator will be available virtually or one one one (depending on location and COVID restrictions) for 2 - 2 hour classes for troubleshooting and assistance. You will also get detailed feedback on all your assignments via your dashboard on the fuzionacademy.com site.

  • Do you offer payment plans or financing?

    Currently we offer splitting payments into equal payments in 2-3 instalments. Kits with no desk can be split into 2 payments with no charge. First payment will unlock your theory and 30 days later when your second payment is received we will ship your kit. Kits with desks can be made in 3 equal payments, same as above except desk and additional items will come when final payment is made.

  • Who teaches your video series?

    Our classes are taught by international educator Chrissie Pearce. Chrissie is our TeamFuzion mentor, and guides our team in skill development and growth. You can view her work on IG @chrissiepearcenails, or find her on Facebook at Chrissie Pearce Nail Academy.

  • I have more questions, who can I contact?

    Email us anytime at academy@nailfuzion.com

  • Active Support

    Our courses are all monitored by Industry leaders who have decades of experience in training new nail techs!

  • Set Up For Success!

    All of our beginner training involves an in-home practicum that will evolve with you through the course, giving you hands on experience while you're learning!

  • Getting Ahead of the Curve!

    The Fuzion Academy has teamed up with International Educator Chrissie Pierce to bring the European Style Apex, Shaping, Nail Art and More!