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These courses are for professional nail technicians only and do not offer beginner training or certification.

This course is a part of the Chrissie Pearce Premium Bundle of Courses! If you do not want to purchase the entire bundle, but would like to learn more after completing this video series, check out 'Changing from Square to Almond' and 'Building the New Apex from a Traditional Apex without Forms' in the 'All Courses' menu at the top of the page. 

Once you have purchased this kit and would like to learn more please look into the 

Welcome to the 'Building Salon Shapes with the New Apex' with Chrissie Pearce. IN this video you will learn new scultped nails in 5 popular shapes: Natural Oval, Almond, Coffin, Square & Short Square. Learn Advanced Cuticle Prep & Form Customization, "New Apex " Structure, and flawless application of colour application on the sculpted enhancement.